All You Need to Know about the Mobile Online Slots

Online casinos came into play more than 20 years ago. A lot of change has taken place since then, including the invention of mobile slots; it all started with the introduction of land-based casinos, where players had to commute to play their favourite casino games. These days’ players can play these games in the comfort of their home, since online gambling has taken over the gaming industry. Playing casino games online also saves players a lot of time. Another amazing invention in the gambling world is the introduction of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming has taken over the USA and majority of the players have resulted to playing casino games through their phones. Mobile slots games can these days be played on the go since mobile devices offer the same gaming experience as that of the desktop version. The mobile slots are of high quality and have great graphic interfaces and are suitable for all slot lovers.

Evolution of mobile slots games

Mobile slots - first casino games to added to mobile

Mobile slots games were the first online games that were incorporated into mobile compatible apps and websites. The reason why slot games were among the first games to be integrated into mobile gaming is that most players love playing mobile slots. Their love for slot games can be traced back to one hundred years ago. Slots of Vegas mobile are no different than playing slot games from your favourite land-based casino.

The other reason why slot games were the first to be incorporated into mobile gaming is that slot games are very popular according to various logistics. Due to this popularity mobile, gaming developers decided to start with mobile slots games.

How to play mobile slots games

All that is required for a player to enjoy free slots is a mobile device that is compatible with the mobile application. The player will then be required to visit the selected game page where no download, no registration or no deposit amount is required for the mobile slots app. Players will need to download their favourite casino on their phone by visiting the casino download site, searching for their favourite casino and then hitting the download application.

There is a category set aside where you will be able to choose the best mobile slots games for your mobile device. Players can also get access to the mobile casinos through SMS downloads. This will require players to log in to their favourite casino and provide their mobile number and location. The information will then be verified after which a link will be sent to your mobile phone where you will be able to download the mobile casino. You can also access a mobile casino through the browser where no download will be required.

Devices compatible with mobile slots

Players can access mobile slot games from various mobile devices. Mobile slots can be enjoyed by iPhone users since they offer some of the best progressive jackpots. The different slot games that iPhone users can enjoy include Mega Moolah, Tycoon, Slots of Gold, Thunderstruck and Lion’s Pride. Java slots will require the player to have the Java software installed on their phones. The Java slots games will include Double Magic Slot, Fruit Fiesta, Pub Fruity and many others.

iPhone casino games - mobile slot

Players can also play slot games from their tablets. In fact, this is among the most common ways of playing slot games. Tablet slots include Deck the Halls, Thunderstruck, Burning Desire. Players can either download the mobile slot app or play games using the instant play option. The slot games will have the various bonus, multiplier features and free spins. iPod or iPad users can also enjoy a majority of the mobile slots games. You can play different slot games from the mobile devices. Some of these games are Avalon, Pure Platinum and Break da Bank. These games offer players incredible wins with their symbols.

There are also HTML 5 Mobile slot games. These can be either in the non-downloadable or flash versions. Players can access their accounts by filling in the required information in the necessary fields. Players playing using the HTML 5 version are awarded welcome bonuses that vary from one casino to another. The various slot games that they can enjoy include 5 Reel Drive, Big Top and Couch Potato. The Blackberry and Nokia slots can also be played. They offer some of the latest slot games including Adventure Palace, Spring Break, Mermaids Million, Alaskan Fishing, and Break da Bank.

Players can play through devices compatible with Windows Operating systems such as tablets, Smartphone and Pocket PCs. HTC and Microsoft are the devices that are mostly supported by Windows OS. They offer high-quality slots of Vegas mobile that have great sounds and animation quality. Cell gaming industry has brought about the introduction of slot games on Smartwatch. These games are the no download versions and are compatible with Samsung gear, Apple Watch and other smartwatches. However, Microgaming software is the only game developer that has launched smartwatch slot games. Smartwatch slot games include Thunderstruck and Dark Knight Rises.

Mobile slots software compatibility

The mobile device that a player uses will determine the quality and variety of software a player can access. For proper gaming sessions on mobile slot games, the mobile devices must be compatible with software such as Android, Windows and Apple. Players using Android and Windows systems will enjoy a significant number of mobile slot games. Players using iPhone and IPad are limited to the slot games they access, and they have to choose platforms that use instant play and that are built in a web browser.

Android and Windows-powered gadgets are suitable for players that value the quality of games while players that prefer instant play versions will mostly prefer using Apple powered devices. IPad and iPhone devices offer excellent picture quality on slot games though instant play versions are the most common.

Reasons to play mobile slots

There are some reasons why players will enjoy slots of Vegas mobile. One of these reasons is the ability to play slot games at any place you wish. You can play free slots at home, at your office, in the subway and any other locations. Microgaming mobile slot games are of high quality; players can enjoy their winnings on their mobile devices. You can win great jackpot prizes from your mobile phones, spinning the reels from your mobile phone is fascinating. Games such as Mega Moolah and Avalon slot has paid out very great jackpot prizes from their mobile devices.

Real money mobile slots

Mobile slot gaming is the same as playing slot games from your desktop. The only difference is the screen size. Players can play real money mobile slots from their phones and tablets. The promotions and bonuses on websites vary depending on whether you are using the mobile casino or the PC version. Players should consider all these as they play their slot games. To play real money mobile slots, you should identify whether the casino is legit.

To play real money slots, you should deposit some amount of money at the casino. The various deposit methods include Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Wire Transfer including other methods that are acceptable through the phone. You will then choose the slot game you wish to play and then wait for your winning chance. The amount can be withdrawn directly from your mobile device through methods such as Bank Wire Transfer. Some casinos give players welcome bonuses for the first time.

Best Mobile Casinos

Players need to choose a mobile casino that supports their preferences. Some things need to be taken in into consideration before selecting a mobile casino. One of the factors that need to be taken into account is the amount of bonus the casino offers. The wagering requirement of these bonuses should also be considered. Details entailing depositing and withdrawal methods should also be taken into account.

Players should also look at the various casinos available online. They should also put into consideration casinos that provide slot games that are compatible with most of the operating systems available.

Reasons why mobile slots are becoming common

Mobile slots are very common in the gambling industry due to the constant development of technology. There are reasons why mobile slots are becoming famous in the gaming world. One of these reasons includes that players will have the opportunity to gamble with no limits. They can also bet from any location. Players are also comfortable playing online slots from their Samsung devices and iPhones. Mobile devices have more power regarding gameplay compared to playing slots through PCs.<./p>

Game developers are always creating new mobile slot games compatible with Android and iOS devices. One of the latest mobile slot creations is the Wizard of Oz slot game that is available on any mobile device. With all these benefits both professional and niche player beginners are at an advantage.

How to play free mobile slot games

There are two ways in which players can enjoy free mobile slot games. Players can register to play using free accounts and their casinos that will provide players with free welcome bonuses. To play for free using your mobile phone it is important to register for a free casino account. Players will have the advantage of learning how to play the slot games without risking any cash. Playing for free will also give you the benefit of learning how to control the slot game with your touch screen mobile or keypad phone.

How to use mobile casino slot applications

Various online casinos will give you the opportunity of downloading the casino software before playing any slot game. There are flash options that will allow the player to play directly from their mobile browser without downloading the casino application. You can choose any of the two options for you to start enjoying the slot games.

There are various play options available on the phone. Mobile slot games have options requiring you to lower the bet, re-bet, raise the bet or use the auto-play feature. Another important thing that you need to put into consideration is how much you want to place a bet and the number of pay lines you want to play with. After all, this is fulfilled all that is left is for you to hit the spin button and start playing.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile slot games

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with mobile slot games. One of the most important advantages is that players can play slot games from anywhere hence there is convenience. This is mostly because mobile phones are portable. Mobile slot games have been given top priority by mobile casino games because of there a variety of slot games and they are easy to access. Places, where smartphones and tablet technology has been embraced, enjoy mobile gaming.

The other advantage is that players will have quite some slot games to choose from. This gives players the opportunity to choose the best of the slot games and thus increasing their chances of winning. Also, mobile casinos offer players some different bonuses such as referral bonuses, VIP reward programs and reload bonuses. These bonuses favour mobile slot gaming. Mobile slots are widely available in the USA, and there are some mobile slots for US players.

The disadvantages are quite a few one of them being the limited size of the mobile screen. The display is low in quality. However, with increasing technology the size of the mobile device is being improved and tablets are developed with a large fitting screen where players can play mobile slots comfortably. The quality of mobile slots is with time been improved. Players are also more exposed to frauds since not all mobile casinos are embracing the encryption technology.

What to consider when playing mobile slots

There are some things that mobile slot players should consider when playing from their mobile devices. First, they should know which type of slot games are offered on mobile phones for easier access. The next thing to consider is whether the casino has a mobile application so that they can determine whether it is downloadable from their cell phones.

Players should also consider which phone devices are compatible with various operating systems. Players who value quality slots should make sure they have Android or Windows supporting mobile phones. Players who need instant download games should consider iOS supporting mobile devices.

Future of mobile slot games

Mobile slot developers are aware of the increased need to develop slot games of high quality for their players. They have therefore taken it upon themselves to continuously improve quality games for all players. This includes making these games accessible through mobile devices and computers. Players from any gambling region can have access to these free slots. Players also using any browser will have the opportunity of enjoying slots from their cell phones.

Mobile phone devices are capable of replacing all other electronic equipment and also hold all information in one device. This is because of the latest increase in mobile technology. Netent and Betsoft developers have been able to transform free video slots into an array of art, and they are continuously developing new slot games. They put emphasis on quality free slots since they are aware that slot players can quickly identify fake mobile slot games. Mobile casinos in the USA and any other country are also putting emphasis on providing their players with high-quality mobile slot games.

The mobile slot games can be accessed on various casino websites available online. The slot games available on cell phones offer different themes, symbols, colours and are of the various types. Slot games such as Throne of Egypt and Barbary Coast are no different when played from a mobile phone or tablet. The games offered have great graphic designs, interactive features and they can choose between the various reels. The games also have a no deposit feature that is available on most casino websites.

The mobile gaming market is every day expanding its boundaries to open new opportunities for their players. This is regarding mobile gaming and the various gambling applications available online. Players can choose to play real money slots or play for free. Everything that a player wants is provided for by casinos in the best way possible.


New era mobile slot games are already available. The various mobile technologies are available online, and players can easily download these free slots and other casino games. There are a swipe and tap interface available for all Microgaming mobile slot players including some new titles slot games that have been added to the list. These games are added on a monthly basis; players will get to enjoy over 100 games and place their bets quickly. All this information is available for access in all online casino websites.